Violin Competition A. Postacchini 23013


hen Roberto Perticarà, one of the founders of the Postacchini Competition, phoned me to commission me the violin that wouId be awarded to the winner of the competition, certainIy I did not imagine the amazing experience that I would live at the end of May in the City of Fermo.
I could not possibly think that I would spend a week immersed in music, among young people coming from the whole wide world eager to let their talent be heard, animated by an uncontrollable passion for the violin, the same passion that drives you to practice for hours and hours, wherever you are, from early morning to late night.
From the choice of wood to the brush strokes, for the construction of the violin I tried to inspire me to Andrea Postacchini, the one who for twenty years gives his name to the competition which is held in that city of the Marche and hosts in the Aquila Theatre violinists from 8 to 35 years. WelI-known luthier from Fermo, who lived between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, he was maker of violins of extreme elegance, with a fine and slender scrolI, with soft and wide Fholes, with well define corners and accentuate arching that suggest Montagnana model.
In the foyer of the theatre was prepared a small exhibition with violins built by me and instruments by Maestro Postacchini. This little exposition was an opportunity to promote the art of violin making. I met school groups and tourists curious about materials, times and method of violin construction. During the week of the auditions I had the opportunity to listen violinists of high preparation, who while waiting for the their turn or for the results of their category wanted to try my violin and the bow built by my colleague bow maker Walter Barbiero, award for the absolute winner.

After reading the article and the letters of Archi Magazine about how to promote classical music in Italy, I realized that the founders of Postacchini for long time are good promoters of it. I think I have contributed too – in my own way – in this mission through the magnificent art of violin making, which is closely related.

Many was the emotions I felt in these days: from feeling welcomed and part of a sublime project, to being able to enjoy beautiful music, up to listening to my
own instruments played by talented violinists who switched easily from Ravel’s Tzigane to Sibelius to Paganini Capricci. The possibility of broaden its own
horizons, breathing this sense of “intemationality” that different languages and colors know how to give. The most intense moment among all was beyond doubt the presentation of my violin to the New Zealand winner Amalia Hall, in the final evening. That final concert has crowned the work of many people,
whom I stilI thank for having me involved. A job done in one year of commitment, and animated by the great passion for music and for young people.
If you will have the chance, do not miss next edition of Postacchini Competition: even only one day of competition will be able to give you great
emotions, like the ones I tried to tell you.”

(Article published on ARCHI MAGAZINE  – july, 2013)

Amalia Hall plays with “Alberto Cassutti” violin.

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